Professor David Wilson
 “When Raoul Moat shot himself dead it was not through fear or cowardice. It was his final act of control. For power and control meant everything to this 37-year-old bodybuilder and former bouncer. The media was asked not to report on Moat's true nature for fear he would retaliate by harming the public. Upset by perceived inaccuracies in previous reports, he left a message on a dictaphone threatening to kill someone every time he heard or read something he did not like. And Moat wouldn't have liked to hear the truth: that he was a paranoid narcissist, a man who lived by violence, who beat his partner and hit his child.”

Read more of David's views about Raoul Moat in the Daily Mail, 12 July 2010.

Meet Professor David Wilson, Britain's leading criminologist and arguably its most controversial.  He did time as a prison governor, and is now an academic, a campaigner, a regular in our media and according to The Guardian he's a "celebrity academic".  Indeed he's twice topped a Times Higher poll of the most quoted criminologists in the country


David's new book – Looking for Laura: Public Criminology and Hot News, published by Waterside Press, with a Foreword by Donal MacIntyre, was press launched in April 2011.  The paper back version of his previous book, A History of British Serial Killing, published by Sphere was also released in February 2011. 

 Meanwhile David continues to write academic books and articles, and comment in a range of broadsheet and tabloid newspapers about crime and punishment.  He Chairs the Grendon Friends Trust, is Vice Chair of the Howard League for Penal Reform – the oldest penal reform organisation in the World, and is Vice President of New Bridge.  David also Chaired the independent Commission on the State of English Prisons Today - which reported in the summer of 2009

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